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Brief biography of Aleksey K. Konstantinov

Aleksey K. Konstantinov was born on November 7, 1919.

After graduating from the secondary school he entered Tashkent Institute of Railway Engeneering, but after three years of study he turned to Voronejskiy Aviation Institute which was evacuated to Tashkent. He graduated from it in 1944.

In the begining of 1945 Aleksey K. Konstantinov went to Taganrog and started working at Aviation Plant named after Dimitrov as chief technic of shop. In 1946 he turned to Design Bureau of Marine Aircraftbuilding to work as designer. In the course of time he became the leading designer on aerohydrodynamic at the department of prelimenary designing and afterwards he became the head of that Design Bureau. In 1967 he was appointed as the First Deputy Designer General, and in 1968 was designated to the poste of Designer General and responsible head of the Design Bureau. Aleksey K. Konstantinov managed BERIEV Aircraft Company to 1990.

He took an active part in the development of Be-6 seaplane, Be-8 amphibious aircraft, P-1 and Be-10 jet flying boats, Be-12 amphibios aircraft, Be-30 passenger aircraft.

A number of aircraft of different porposes including Tu-142MP and A-50 aircraft, 1A flying boat as well as A-40 "Albatross" were developed under his guidance.

In 1967 he was awarded the State Premium of the USSR for the participation in the development of Be-12 amphibious aircraft. In 1996 he was confered the rank of Laureat of State Premium of the Russian Governement. Aleksey K. Konstantinov is a Honour aircraftbuilder.

He was decorated with the orders "Lenin", "Labour Red Banner", "Sign of Honour" and medals.

Since 1990 Aleksey K. Konstantinov is the personal pensioner of state significance.

He died on 27 April, 2008.

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