Beriev - Introduction

Beriev Aircraft Company had its origin in 1934. The Central Design Bureau of Seaplanes Manufacturing set up in Taganrog was headed by Georgy Beriev, Chief Designer.

Throughout the 75 years of its history, BERIEV Aircraft Company has demonstrated exceptional creativity and has contributed immensely to the development of Russian science and technology, first and foremost in the field of seaplanes and amphibian aircraft construction.

Design Bureau

The MBR-2 short-range reconnaissance aircraft, and the KOR-1 (Be-2) and KOR-2 (Be-4) ship-borne seaplanes were designed in prewar years. These aircraft were used to advantage by the Navy during World War II.

In the forties-sixties the world-wide known hydroplanes: Be-6 flying boat, Be-10 jet hydroplane and Be-12 amphibian, the largest one at that time, were developed for outposts of the sea border lines. For a long period the aircraft were operational, having high performance and seaworthiness verified by the dozens of the established world records. The development of these aircraft secured the world priority of Russia in the domain of hydroplanes manufacturing.

In 1968 BERIEV designed the Be-30 (Be-32) short-haul aircraft. Due to political reasons, this aircraft never became mass-produced. 25 years later, it was reconstructed in the form of the Be-32 version and exhibited at the Paris airshow where it attracted not a little attention on the part of aviation specialists.

In the same year of 1968, Georgy M. Beriev had, for health reasons, to retire from his post, and Alexei K. Konstantinov became CEO of the Design Bureau.

In the '70s and '80s, BERIEV Aircraft Company considerably expanded its scope of activities. Those years are remarkable for the development of strategic weapon systems (the A-50 airborne early warning and guidance system, and the TU-142MR super-long-range liaison system) based on the existing platforms.

The accumulated experience in the field of science and engineering made it possible for BERIEV to expand the work on designing a new generation of amphibians characterised by a unique compromise on high performance and seaworthiness.

In 1986 the A-40 amphibious aircraft, the largest in the world, made its maiden flight. Its sophistication was confirmed by 148 world records. The A-42PE amphibian for patrol and search-rescue operations is being designed around the A-40.

Appointment of Gennady S. Panatov as Chief Designer and Executive Manager in 1990, and as General Designer and CEO in 1992, opened a new chapter in the history of BERIEV Aircraft Company. The Company entered upon the development of multipurpose civil amphibians destined to win recognition from customers and praise from experts.

In 2002, BERIEV Aircraft Company became headed by a new Director General, Valentin V. Boev. During those years, the Company renewed the contracts with the Ministry of Defense as well as with foreign customers.

Viktor A. Kobzev, the present Director General, has been at the head of BERIEV Aircraft Company since 2003. Along with being a defense contractor, BERIEV Aircraft Company is engaged in civil projects. Development of the Be-200ES multipurpose amphibian is complete. The aircraft was built in series by IRKUT Corporation, in 2011 the serial production of Be-200 amphibians was shifted from Irkutsk to Taganrog. The primary mission of the Be-200ES aircraft will consist in saving thousands of hectares of forest, the national treasure of Russia, from fire. The modified B-200 amphibians will be able to carry passengers and cargoes, to perform the environmental monitoring of water areas, and to patrol maritime boundaries.

The Be-103 light amphibian was built in series at the facilities of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association. This amphibian is designed for the carrying of five passengers, and is sold in the USA. The Be-103 amphibian is certified according to requirements of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the USA, and has Type Certificates issued by Airworthiness Authorities of Europe, Brazil and China.

Two more amphibian projects, the Be-112 and the Be-101, are now being at the development stage.

BERIEV Aircraft Company is working on the designing of huge amphibians with take-off weight exceeding 1000 ton. Such vehicles will be able to perform long-range transportation of cargoes and passengers at high speeds typical for aircraft, and will use the infrastructure of the existing sea ports.

In April, 2011 Beriev Aircraft Company was reorganized by taking over JSC TAVIA. Now it is a joint enterprise that specializes in the development, serial production, modernization and repair of amphibians and special-purpose aircraft. An important area in the Company's activity is the overhaul of the Russian Navy aircraft and Russian Air Force long-range aircraft.

The priority was given to activities connected with designing the B-200 derivatives, and with development of new seaplanes. In particular, Be-200 amphibian has been certified according to European standards, thus increasing the competitive capability of the aircraft at the international market.

On 4th March, 2014, Mr. Igor B. Garivadsky was appointed as the Director General - General Designer of Beriev Aircraft Company.

On 15th December, 2015, Mr. Jury V. Grudinin was appointed as the Director General - General Designer of Beriev Aircraft Company. According to the plans approved by the United Aircraft Corporation, the new Beriev Director is challenged by the task of meeting the Government Defense Order, arranging series production of the Be-200 for the Russian MoD and EMERCOM and enhancing a rate of repair and upgrade strategic and marine aircraft.

Today, Beriev Aircraft Company is a dynamically developing enterprise as a member of the United Aircraft Corporation that assigns some ambitious tasks: production of competitive, state-of-the art aviation equipment for both Russian and Foreign Customers.

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