No. 78 dt. October 7, 2004.

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Be-200 ES multipurpose amphibian aircraft was operated in Sardinia (Italy) within the period from 20th of August till 30th of September, 2004 according to the contract between Beriev Aircraft Company and SOREM company being an official operator of fire-fighting equipment of Italian Civil Defense Department (Protezione Civile).

The aircraft flown by joint Russian-Italian flight crew performed more than 100 flights with about 90 hours flown. Be-200 ES amphibian aircraft successfully extinguished fires in the mountains of Sardinia (Italy). Within the time of being on alert, Be-200 ES amphibian aircraft participated in extinguishing of 4 forest fires and dropped 324.1 tons of water (in 7 flying hours).

Average water-delivery capacity of the aircraft is 51.2 t/h. This value is rather high. It proves the fact that Russian amphibian aircraft possesses high operational characteristics.

Besides, several flights were dedicated to testing the possibility of practical applicability of the aircraft for the purposes of Italian Civil Defense Department. 255 scoops have been performed and 1818.4 tons of water have been dropped by Be-200 ES amphibian aircraft when it was operated in Italy.

Be-200 ES aircraft was examined by Commander-in-Chief of Italian Air Forces and also by managers of Protezione Civile ( Italy). This confirms the fact that representatives of the highest ranks of Italian government are interested in Be-200 ES amphibian aircraft. Besides, the aircraft attracted attention of fire-fighting service specialists of the USA, France, Portugal. They expressed their interest in performance of the Russian amphibian aircraft.

Be-200 ES aircraft proved all the performance data declared by its designers and demonstrated high efficiency during fire-fighting operations. The Italians appreciated work performed by the Russian amphibian aircraft.

Forest fire in Italy

Fire is extinguished by Be-200 aircraft. Good job!

Test pilot of Italian Air Forces who performed
the assessment of Be-200 amphibian aircraft

Commander-in-Chief of Italian Air Forest together
with accompanying persons after examination
of Be-200ES aircraft

Representatires of Protezione Civile and SOREM
gathered for briefing on contract finalizing

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