No.58 dt. February 12, 2003

Dear Sirs!

On February 12, 2003 the competition for the best personal names for the Be-200 and the Be-103 amphibious aircraft came to the end at BERIEV Aircraft Company.

This competition was conducted for one year, which involved 275 workers from BERIEV Aircraft Company, as well as from Irkutsk Aviation Industrial Association and Komsomolsk-on-Amour Aviation Industrial.

Sum total 504 variants of personal names for the aircraft have been proposed for the competition: 355 for the Be-200 and 149 for the Be-103.

As a result of the discussion of the proposed names the competition committee presided over by the Science Advisor to the Chairman of the board of directors of BERIEV Aircraft Company G.S. Panatov, the personal name "Altair" has been chosen for the Be-200 amphibious aircraft.

"Altair" is a navigation star of the first magnitude at the Eagle constellation, the four stars of this constellation look like an aircraft. Besides, the name "Altair" bears the following information: "Al" is a part of the personal name of the A-40 amphibious aircraft "Albatross", whose hydroaerodynamics layout was the prototype for the creation of the Be-200, "ta" - Taganrog, "ir" - Irkutsk.

The winners of the competition for the best name for the Be-200 amphibious aircraft became V.K. Epifanov (BERIEV Aircraft Company), S.V. Chernogoloviy (BERIEV Aircraft Company) and Y.V. Yurin (IAIA).

After the examination of the variants of the best personal name for the Be-103 amphibious aircraft, the committee has chosen the personal name "Bekas" ("Snipe").

"Snipe" is a bird widespread all over the world. Besides the personal name "Bekas" bears the following information: "Be" - Beriev, "K" - Komsomolsk-on-Amour, "A" - Amour and Aviation, "S" - collaboration("sotrudnichestvo" in Russian).

The winners of the competition for the best name for the Be-103 amphibious aircraft became A.V. Kovalev (BERIEV Aircraft Company), V.N. Baranik (the pupil of the Niklinovka special boarding school with the preliminary flight studying), L.D. Vorobiev (Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association).

All the winners have been awarded with the financial premiums.

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