No.29 dt. August 27, 2002

Dear Sirs!

Today, on August 27, 2002, the city of Irkutsk saw the second flying prototype of the Be-200 multipurpose amphibious aircraft to make its maiden flight out of aerodrome of Irkutsk Aviation Industrial Association. The aircraft was flown by BERIEV Aircraft Company crew: captain - test-pilot - N.P. Kuleshov, co-pilot - test-pilot - N.N. Okhotnikov and senior test engineer - A.N. Ternovoy. The aircraft took off at 15:25 Irkutsk time and landed in 40 minutes. The behaviour of the aircraft is normal at all conditions.

This aircraft has been designed by BERIEV Aircraft Company and is serially manufactured by Irkutsk Aviation Industrial Association. A contract with the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situation has already been signed for delivery of seven Be-200 aircraft. The main purpose of the aircraft is fighting forest fires. The aircraft can also be used for passenger and cargo transportations.

The first flying prototype of the Be-200 amphibian has been successfully demonstrated at the international exhibitions Le Bourget (France), MAKS-99 (Russia, Zhukovskiy), Gidroaviasalon-2000 (Russia, Gelendzhik) and MAKS-2001, LIMA'01 (Malaysia), KADE'01 (Republic of Korea), ILA 2002 (Germany), where, during the demonstration flights, the water was dropped on imaginary forest fires.

The second flying aircraft has been manufactured in configuration approximated as much as possible to the version for the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations - Be-200ES. In contrast to the first flying aircraft, it is equipped with special search-and-rescue equipment intended to perform the following main tasks:

delivery of the rescue teams and necessary equipment to the disaster areas to the nearest aerodromes and water areas;

delivery of the first-priority cargo to the areas of the natural disaster with the landing on the nearest aerodromes and water areas;

evacuation of survivors from the disaster areas;

search and spotting ships and boats under disaster, precise definition of the coordinates of the emergency situation's areas;

classification of the spotted targets visually or using onboard equipment;

fire-brigade and cargo transportation.

The aircraft is equipped with ARIA-200 onboard flight control and navigation system, AOS airborne observation system, SGU-600 of external sound warning system, SX-5 spotlight. Cargo cabin is fitted with workstations for two observers equipped with blisters for visual target reconnaissance, inflatable rubber boat "Orion-25" and cargo equipment. The ceiling and the walls of the cargo cabin are covered with trim panels.

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