No.51 dt. May 27, 2002

Dear Sirs!

From May 6 till May 12, 2002 the German airport Berlin-Schenefeld hosted the International air show ILA-2002, where BERIEV Aircraft Company was showing its Be-200 multipurpose amphibious aircraft.

During the exhibition a memorandum was signed about the collaboration on investigating the market for the Be-200 amphibian by the Irkutsk Aviation Industrial Association and European Aerospace Defence Soviet EADS.

In particular, the following is expected: joint investigation of the market for the Be-200 amphibian, the preparation of the proposals about the international certification of the aircraft, the study of the possibility of the creation of its after-sale service.

Furthermore, the negotiations with the representatives of the Rolls-Royce Company were held about the possibility of the installation of the Rolls-Royce engines on the Be-200 amphibious aircraft.

On completion of the exhibition, as agreed upon by the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and corresponding departments of France and Germany the Be-200 has performed its demonstration flights in these countries.

On 13th of May the Be-200 amphibian from the Germany to France, to Marseille-Marianne airdrome, where, on 13-15 of May, the specialists of the Department of the civil defence of France studied it. As requested by French representatives, the demonstration of the Be-200 aircraft included scooping the water during hydroplanning, dropping the water on fire as well as loading/unloading of the regular outfit and equipment of the civil defence of France.

On 17th of May, the Be-200 amphibian was shown at Elefcis Air Force base near Athens, Greece. During demonstration flights, the Be-200 aircraft with Greek pilots onboard performed dropping of the water on fire.

It's necessary to be noted, that in Greece business relations with Scorpion company have been established. The Scorpion company uses Russian aircraft for fire fighting since long ago, and now it is making every effort to promote the Be-200 amphibian on the European market.

On 18th of May the Be-200 returned to Taganrog. The aircraft was flown by the crew with captain - test-pilot K.V. Babich, co-pilot - test-pilot N.P.Kuleshov, test-navigator M.G. Andreev. The route was 7600 km long. 15 demonstration flights from land and 8 flights from water have been performed.

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