No.47 dt. February 12, 2003

Dear Sirs!

Important success is achieved - so we can characterize the result of the tour of our Be-200 amphibious aircraft across the countries of Asian-Pacific region.

The Be-200 amphibious aircraft has been demonstrated at two large exhibitions of this region - International Marine and Aerospace Exhibition LIMA'01 in Malaysia and Korean Aerospace and Defense Exhibition KADE'01 in South Korea. The total flight rout was 22391 km with landings in 14 cities of 8 countries. It was the first time when the Be-200 performed such a long flight. Seven demo flights with dropping of water were performed at both exhibitions.

The project Be-200 no doubt has good prospects for world market, one can even say, that a single country is too small for it, which is confirmed by various inquiries for this aircraft practically from all continents. The Asian-Pacific region is considered to be the most promising market for all family of modifications of the Bå-200. This region has personified a combination of such features as dynamism of development of the leading Asian states, problems of the ecological and immigration control of sea borders, questions of forest protection from fires, although it is 21 century, there are large sea water areas where piracy still exists, and at last it is the region of the rest industry and island tourism.

From October 9 to October 15 the International Marine and Aerospace Exhibition LIMA'01 took place in Malaysia, which 72 aerospace companies and 126 naval shipbuilding firms from 22 countries participated in.

The choice of this particularly exhibition (LIMA) for the first presentation of the Be-200 amphibian wasn't maid by chance. This exhibition is the best way for the demonstration of the potential of the Be-200, because its infrastructure was created for showing both aerospace techniques and battle ships.

The high level of the exhibition is determined by the interest of government and business circles of countries of the Asian-Pacific region and leading aerospace corporations and companies of countries of Europe, the USA, Australia and South Africa.

During the visit of Prime Minister of Malaysia to the marine portion of the exhibition, the Be-200 successfully performed a number of cycles of water scooping and water dropping near the ships which took part in the exhibition.

The Malaysian side in the person of the heads and executive representatives of the Ministries, defense services showed a great interest to the Be-200.

Home Secretary of Malaysia, which authorities included questions of forest fire fighting, paid a special attention to our new amphibian. During the meeting with the head of aviation department of fire fighting service of Malaysian the technical potential of the aircraft was discussed.

The Royal Air Force of Malaysia in the person of the deputy of the Commander-in-Chief was interested in the patrol-and-rescue version of the aircraft.

Officials and different delegations of Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand showed their business interest to the prospects of using the Be-200 amphibious aircraft in various modifications.

In South Korea the aircraft took part at Aerospace and Defense Exhibition KADE'01, which took place from October 14 till October 19 with 175 company-participants from 60 countries of the world, where 50 flight prototypes were exhibited.

More than 15 000 persons visited Russian exposition at the exhibition. At the day of the Russian Aviation and technologies on October 19 a report-presentation on the Be-200 aircraft was given.

Fruitful negotiations with representatives of marine police and representatives of the Ministry of forest service took place in the Korean exhibition.

It should be noted that in this country the business relationship with known firm LG and its aviation department has already formed. This firm contributes in every possible way to promotion fire fighting and patrol-and-rescue versions of the Be-200 to its home market.

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