No.143 dt. 9 September, 2010.

On the 9-th of September 2010, Henry Wildegans - EASA Project Certification Manager (Large Airplanes) handed over the EASA Type Certificate for the Be-200ES-E amphibious aircraft to Victor Kobzev - the Director General-Designer General during GIDROAVIASALON-2010 air show.

Restricted Type Certificate EASA.IM.A.114 for Beriev Be-200ES-E   Supplement to Type Certificate № СТ229-Бе-200ЧС/Д03 for Beriev Be-200ES-E

Prior to this, Alexander Donchenko - General Director of Aviation Register of IAC handed over the Supplement to Type Certificate for the Be-200ES-E aircraft. The Be-200ES-E Certification by the National Certification Authorities has given green light to European Certification.

EASA Type Certificate is a result of hard work that required high professionalism and knowledge from Beriev specialists. The experts of Interstate Aviation Committee took an active part in the process.

On the 22-nd of July 2005, Beriev Aircraft Company submitted the Application to EASA for Type Certificate validation issued by Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR). The Working Agreement for Be-200ES-E project was signed between IAC AR and EASA.

In February 2006 the Certification Familiarization meeting with EASA was conducted with IAC AR participation. This was the first phase of the Be-200ES-E certification project.

More than 130 working meetings were conducted from February 2006 to May 2010 with participation of EASA, IAC AR and Beriev experts.

During the validation process of the Be-200ES-E aircraft EASA experts put a number of additional requirements. The requirements were specified in 82 CRI - Certification Review Item, that resulted in the type design change of the Be-200ES aircraft and defined the target date for Be-200ES-E validation.

Unlike other Russian aircraft to be certified by EASA (Tu-204СЕ, Sukhoi SuperJet) with fitted Western equipment, the Be-200ES-E amphibious aircraft is fitted mostly with Russian equipment and Ukrainian engines. The qualification of equipment produced in Russia was one of the essential problems during the Be-200ES-E validation. And it was not merely the aircraft designers, who applied much effort to solve these issues, but IAC AR experts and airborne equipment designers as well.

During intensive mutual work of IAC AR, EASA, Beriev specialists, and airborne equipment designers, the program on demonstration of compliance of the Be-200ES-E aircraft with European airworthiness requirements for RTC was completed.

EASA Type Certificate will allow increasing competitiveness of the Be-200ES-E amphibious aircraft at the world market.

Бобрышев, Кравченко, Явкин, Федоров, Кобзев, Вильдиганс, Донченко (фото Алексея Михеева)

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