No. 125 dt. April 25, 2008.

Hand over of Be-200ES multipurpose amphibian aircraft to Azerbaijan Ministry of Emergencies took place in Taganrog on the 25th of April, 2008.
On the 30th of April, Azerbaijan Ministry of Emergencies B-200ES aircraft was flown to its deployment area.
B-200ES amphibian aircraft was certified as per Russian Airworthiness Regulations P-25 as fire-fighting, cargo and 43-seater passenger aircraft.
Delivery of B-200ES amphibian aircraft to the first foreign customer was carried out within the scope of the contract awarded between "Irkut" Corporation and Azerbaijan Ministry of Emergencies.
Currently, Beriev Aircraft Company is proceeding with the activities aimed at completion of B-200 aircraft certification in Europe as per aviation regulations JAR-25 and together with "Irkut" Corporation is carrying on negotiations on delivery of B-200 amphibian aircraft to the foreign customers.

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