No. 116 dt. September 28, 2007.

Due to crisis situation caused by mass forest fires during this summer in Greece (as of August 24, 2007 forest fire seats were registered practically in all regions of the country, fire approached closely to residential districts of Greek capital - Athens, more than 60 people became victims of fire), government of the country declared a state of emergency and asked for international assistance.
In particular, Greek authorities addressed the Russian Government to strengthen the air group of the Ministry for Emergency Situations available at that moment in Greece (the Be-200ES amphibious aircraft, two Mi-26 helicopters and two Mi-8 helicopters) by using additional fire-fighting aviation materiel.
Therefore, as per the order of the President of Russian Federation one more Be-200ES amphibious aircraft belonging to BERIEV Aircraft Company (JSC) was sent to Greece.
From August 30th to September 13th the Be-200ES (RF 21512) amphibious aircraft, being based on Greek aerodrome Elefsis, was fighting forest fires on Greek peninsula Peloponnesus.
Duration of flights performed over this period totaled to 16 hours, 39 water scoops were done, totally 293 650 litres of water were dropped on the seats of fire.
The work of Russian specialists was highly appraised by the Greek authorities, who on behalf of the Greek government and people expressed deep appreciation of invaluable help provided by Russia to Greece in fighting fires.

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