15 December, 2015.

Yury V. Grudinin appointed as General Director - General Designer of Beriev Aircraft Company

Yury Grudinin has been assigned as new General Director - General Designer of Beriev Aircraft Company, a member of the United Aircraft Corporation, from December 15, 2015. Decision on his assignment was made by the Board of Directors of the Company.

Yury Grudinin graduated from the Riga Air Force Engineering Academy and the Graduate School of Economics under MBA program. He served in the Air Force and started his carrier in the aviation industry in 2000 working on the 325-th Aviation Aircraft Maintenance Plant of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. After, he held different positions in a number of aircraft companies and aircraft enterprises. He has been working in the UAC divisions since 2006 and as an advisor to the UAC President since 2013.

The new Manager is against the following primary tasks: accomplishment of the production program and improvement of economic factors of Beriev Aircraft Public Joint Stock Company.

Reference information:

Beriev Aircraft Company, PJSC was established on 1 October, 1934 as the Central Design Bureau of Seaplanes Manufacturing. Since 2006, it is a part of the UAC OJSC. In April, 2011 Beriev Aircraft Company was reorganized and joined TAVIA OJSC, the Serial Production Aviation Plant.

The United Aircraft Corporation (PJSC "UAC") was established in 2006 to consolidate Russia's main assets in aircraft design and production. Currently Russian Federation is the Corporations' main shareholder with more than 85% of shares. UAC is formed by the following design bureaus and manufacturing plants: Sukhoi Company, Irkut Corporation, UAC - Transport Aircraft, Ilyushin, Nizhny Novgorod Aircraft building Plant Sokol, Tupolev, Ilyushin Finance Company, Aviastar-SP, Voronezh Aircraft Company, Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG, Myasishchev Design Bureau, Beriev Aircraft Company, Aerocomposite, Gromov Flight Test Institute. UAC's enterprises carry out full cycle of works from aircraft R&D to after sales support and afterlife utilization. UAC revenue in FY2014 has reached 295 billion roubles, production increased by 43% YoY to 159 aircraft. The Corporation employs more than 98 000 people.
Mr. Yury Slyusar is UAC's President.

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