4 March, 2014.

Igor B. Garivadsky, Special Aircraft Programs Director for UAC, has been appointed General Director - General Designer for Beriev Aircraft Company.

The decision to appoint Mr. Garivadsky General Director - General Designer was taken by the Board of Directors of Beriev Aircraft Company on March 04, 2014. According to the plans approved by the United Aircraft Corporation, the new Beriev CEO is challenged by the task of meeting the Government Defense Order, arranging mass production of the Be-200 for the Russian MoD and EMERCOM, and enhancing the rate of repair and upgrade of strategic and marine aircraft.

'We expect a considerable growth in Beriev revenues in 2014 against the previous year, up to RUB 10 billion. We also understand that Beriev Aircraft Company has historically been considered one of the principal employers in Taganrog, and is of great importance for development of social infrastructure', said UAC President Mikhail A. Pogosian. 'Therefore, we intend to start recruiting new employees this very year - first and foremost, those having "blue-collar" occupations. We will further develop cooperation with educational institutions in Taganrog to attract high-skilled young specialists with the needed vocational education background'.

Igor B. Garivadsky graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1979 as a mechanical engineer. He worked for several Russian research centers, commercial companies, and government agencies. In 2003-2005, he was Assistant Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation; later he held the post of Deputy Head of the Federal Industry Agency, and supervised the work of military industry enterprises. Starting from 2009, he was head of Directorate for MiG-29UPG, and worked as Procurement and Logistics Director for Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG.

Victor A. Kobzev, the former General Director - General Designer for Beriev Aircraft Company, will continue working for UAC in the Corporation's special aircraft development programs.

Garivadsky, Pogosian, Kobzev

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