Beriev - Be-32KM commuter aircraft




The Be-32KM aircraft can be used for cargo/passenger transportation, national boundary patrol, rendering urgent medical aid, delivery of mail, forest guard, forest fire and ecological monitoring, servicing the geologist expiditions, paratroops training and dropping.

The Be-32KM aircraft has the following features:
  • low take-off and landing speed with capability of taking-off and landing at side wind up to 18 m/s;
  • capacity to operate from unpaved airfields;
  • superb manoeuvrability while taxiing;
  • capacity to fly in adverse weather conditions including icing conditions and night flights;
  • good stability up to critical conditions within wide center-of-graviry range;
  • practical absence of bumpiness which usually affects low-speed aircraft;
  • capacious and comfortable passenger cabin.
The aircraft can be fitted with ski- or float-type landing gear, which expands its capabilities when used in northern regions.

When in executive variant, the aircraft is equipped with galley and state-of-the-art interior.

The Be-32KM aircraft meets airworthiness requirements of AP-23.

Aircraft Performance
Wing span, m 17
Aircraft length, m 15.7
Aircraft height, m 5.52
Wing area, m2 32
Wheelbase, m 4.75
Wheel track, m 5.2
Take-off weight, kg 7300
Empty operating weight, kg 4,350
Operating ceiling, m up to 4200
Maximum cruise speed, km/h 520
Economy cruise speed, km/h 370
Flight range (45 minutes fuel reserve, 15 pax), km/h 1,950
Required runway length, m 830
Engine type PT6A-65B
Engine power, h.p. 1,100
Passengers, persons 7-15
Crew, prs. 2

General View of Aircraft

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