Beriev Aircraft Company - Be-2500 amphibious aircraft



The Be-2500 super-heavy transport seaplane will come a part of commerce and special service transportation on transoceanic routes.

The design concept of super-heavy seaplane allows operate the a/c both in WIG mode above the ocean and in aircraft mode. The Be-2500 seaplane may become a perfect platform to deliver the spaceships to the upper atmosphere of the Earth equatorial area.

The Be-2500 may also be used for landing operations, search and rescue missions, as well as the vehicle for prospecting and extraction operations at shelves and archipelagoes areas.

The facilities of existing major ports may provide sufficient support for operation and anchorage of the seaplane.

Aircraft Performance
Wing span, m 125.51
Wing area, m2 3,184
Aircraft length, m 115.5
Aircraft height, m 29.12
Maximum take-off weight, t 2,500
Maximum payload, t up to 1,000
Cruise speed, km/h:
- high-altitude flight mode
- WIG flight mode

Maximum flight range, km 16,000

General View of Aircraft

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