Beriev Aircraft Company - Be-112 amphibious aircraft



Be-112 is a unique amphibian platform that can pioneer new routes for passenger/cargo transportation, tourist and special flights.

Be-112 is fitted with a cargo ramp in the aft part to enable loading of various cargoes including vehicles and oversize cargoes, which significantly improves the operating versatility of the amphibious aircraft.

Aircraft Performance
Wing span, m 21.2
Aircraft lenght, m 17.0
Aircraft height, m 5.2
Wheelbase, m2 8.65
Track, m 4.5
- Length, m 10.2
- Height, m 1.84
- Maximum width , m 2.15
- Maximum takeoff weight, kg 11,000
Maximum payload, kg 2350
Maximum cruise speed (ISA, 3,000 m), km/h 420
Ecocnomic cruise speed (ISA, 3,000 m), km/h 370
Flight range at 3,000 m with payload of 2,100 kg, and 0.5 h fuel reserve, km 1,000
Operating altitude, m 3,000
Takeoff run on water, m 860
Required runway length (ISA, sea level), m 850
Landing roll on water, m 515
Wave height up to 08.8 m
Required strength of the unpaved airfield or rolled snow, kg/cm2 no less than 4.5
Engine type 26-67R
Engine power 2 x 1424
Passengers seats (810 mm pitch) 27
Crew, persons 2

General View of Aircraft

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