Beriev - A-50E aircraft



The A-50E airborne early warning and contol aircraft is intended to perofrm the following missions: detection, tracking and IFF determination of the air and surface targets, surveilance, command, control and communication functions for both commands posts of automatic control systems, guidance of fighters to air targets and attack aviation to serface targates.

Aircraft Performance
Maximum take-off weight, kg 190,000
Flight endurance during mission at 1000 km range:
    - without refueling, h 4*
    - with refueling, h 7*
Detection range for:
    - air targets:
       bombers, km 650
       low-flying fighters up to radio horizon
       cruise missiles (S1m2), km 215
       detection of non ballistic missiles jets by optical means, km 800*
    - water surface targets (S=250m2) up to radio horizon
    - ground surface targets:
        single target (e.g. tactical missile launcher), km 300*
        group target (e.g. column of tanks) 250*
Traking of air targets up to 300
Frequency range:
    - electronic intelligence, GHz 0.5-18
    - signal intelligence, MHz 50-500
    - flight crew, persons 5
    - mission crew, persons 11

* - performance can be changed at customer request

General View of Aircraft

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