Beriev - A-40 amphibious aircraft




In 1986 the A-40 amphibious aircraft, the largest in world, made its first flight. Its sophistication was confirmed by 148 world records.

The amphibian may be used as a base around which it is possible to develop various modifications for wide employment in the island and coastal areas not provided with a sufficient number of aerodromes, as well as in the world ocean areas.

The aircraft can be used for the following missions:
  • search and rescue;
  • cargo and passenger transportation;
  • maritime patrol;
  • military tasks.

The A-42PE amphibian for patrol and search & rescue operations is being designed around the A-40 amphibian. The A-42PE aircraft will be powered by two turbopropfan engines D-27 developed by Ivchenko Progress Design Bureau (Ukraine).

Aircraft Performance
A/C length, m 45.7
A/C height, m 11.0
Wing span, m 42.5
Maximum take-off weight, kg 86000
Power plant, kg bypass jet
Payload, kg 10000
Operating ceiling, m 8000
Maximum speed, km/h 800
Maximum range, km 5500
Takeoff run (land/water), m 1000/2000
Landing roll (land/water), m 700/900
Crew 4
Seaworthiness (wave height, m)  2.2

General View of Aircraft

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